6 INSPIRED VOL 2 ARCHETYPES: Your Guides to Your Authentic Self his pair of statements is one of twenty on Part I of The Partnership Profile, an informal self-assess- ment in my new book, The Soul’s Twins: Eman- cipate Your Feminine and Masculine Archetypes. It’s not always easy to choose one statement in each pair, because sometimes your preferences change depending on the situation. So it can take some self-examination to decide which one you usually prefer. And that’s exactly the point of this exercise: to encourage you to reflect on who you are, why you act in predictable ways in certain situations, and what inner forces have the most influ- ence on your choices. The Soul’s Twins highlights eight fundamental arche- types that humanity tends to associate with the binary genders. The reality is that every human embodies the same archetypal energies. Yet, despite the rapid expan- sion of our psychological knowledge over the past 150 years, our cultures still tend to discourage us from using certain aspects of our natural potential and apply pres- sure on us to develop another potential—which may or may not be of interest to us—because of our gender. Certainly, there are physical differences that predispose us to fill certain societal roles at certain times in our T by Dr. Jean Benedict Raffa, author of The Soul’s Twins: Emancipate Your Feminine and Masculine Archetypes .