Celebrate Mabon with Wee Witches and FREE Coloring Pages

Illustrator and author Ted Enik shares his artistic process, a poem for Mabon, and FREE coloring pages from his book, “Wee Witches”

 It’s fun looking back at a painting I’ve done;
 Find the five-minute doodle, the really rough one,
 When the image was barely a blip of a notion,
 The tiniest sea turtle coasting the ocean.
 I love to discover the series of sketches
 That follow in stages, that scrunches and stretches,
 The thought that was once colored smoke in my head
 Till the painting is done and I sign it with “Ted.”
                                     ~ ~ ~
 Now for Witch Folk the spoke on the Wheel of the Year
 Known as “Mabon” (Fall Equinox, just to be clear)
 Is the time of an equal long daylight and night;
 If the sky was a pie they’d be sharing a bite.
 It’s the season of cycles, of birth-sleep-rebirth, 
 When we stop for a spell and say “thanks” to the Earth.
 But we all aren’t farmers, our Mabon-Fest harvest
 Is more like whatever we made of life. Marvelous!
                                     ~ ~ ~
 This in-between place: neither moon-shine or sun,
 Before sketches or polish, is where work gets done.
 Know that talent’s a toolbox, the Muse is myth.
 If you wait for some angel to drop in and gift
 You with gemstones of genius, or diamonds inspired,
 You might as call yourself early retired.
 While Muse reads an eBook there off in a corner, 
 Step up the job, be a bigger Jack Horner.
 And jab in your thumb, better yet plunge both hands 
 And get busy; produce as much fruit as you can.
 `Cause the Angel’s pretending, he’s paying attention,
 He’ll hoard the reward till you prove your potential.
 He’ll show you “The Zone,” and he’ll give you “The Groove,”
 Once he sees that you’re willing to make the first move.  
                                     ~ ~ ~
 There’s your year’s worthy harvest, it’s work that you’ve done;
 On the page, on the screen, on yourself, on the run.    
 And there’s witchcraft involved, oh there is and it’s true,
 In the seasonal, powerful, capable you.
 Ted Enik © 2021  

About the Author

As an illustrator, Ted Enik has worked for most of the better-known publishing houses in New York, as well as for the occasional advertising agency, greeting-card house, and pharmaceutical company. He was honored to be tapped to illustrate Eloise in Hollywood and for nearly a decade was an artist for the popular Fancy Nancy “I Can Read™” series. He recently switched hats and is now, happily, writing (and rhyming) up a storm.