Hans Lengerer was in the Government service (executive) until retirement. After contacts with the late Erich Grer he was encouraged by the late Jgen Rohwer to publish on the IJN. He has written more than 50 articles and several books, including Die Flugzeugtrer der Kaiserlichen Japanischen Marine und des Heeres, Band I. With Lars Ahlberg he privately publishes Contributions to the History of Imperial Japanese Warships. Lars Ahlberg is a retired Army officer. Since his early youth he has been interested in naval history and is the co-author of Taih(Japanese aircraft carrier), Armourclad Fus??to Kong Class Battle Cruisers and Battleship Tosa Demolition Tests to the Modified Yamato Class, vols. I & III in Capital Ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy 1868-1945.

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