Imagine creating a reality that works for you and goes far beyond your imagination. Now you can see all that is possible by using the tools of Access Consciousness. Through Kass’s experiences, you will learn about continual evolution and using the flow of energy, which includes both intuition and instinct, to create movement even when the waters around you are stagnant. The tools in this book are interchangeable and can be used in your daily life to alter your way of thinking. Learn how to transform negative into positive, how to take risks to avoid predictable or undesirable futures, and how to change your point of view to create the life you desire. Be in step with the energy of change and dance to the infectious rhythm of life.
Kass Thomas is a motivational speaker, radio personality, coach, Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, and a best-selling author. Born in the United States, Kass moved to Rome 20 years ago. In her early twenties and thirties, she was a successful entrepreneur, film producer and a senior management executive in the hospitality industry. Now Kass travels the world training corporates, groups, and individuals in areas of communication, relationships, body language, business, money, women empowerment, Earth, and many other topics. She uses simple and easy tools that enable participants to communicate more effectively in any situation. Additionally, they learn to connect with themselves and others better and create magic by weaving universal energy in their being. Kass believes there’s more that unites us than separates us. She works diligently to strengthening the awareness of this unity in everyone using various approaches, tools and techniques.

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