Author and photographer Tim Scullion has done what’s never been done before: he has researched the world’s first study of ghosts through over 22,000 photographs captured in one of the most haunted states in America: Virginia. This third book of over 200 images takes a close haunted look at ghosts photographed from all over the state, and includes the presidents’ homes. Visit the very haunted residences of presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison, along with discovering the intriguing, compelling background of each place and person that may explain the photographic evidence. Through historical information and strange and eerie apparitions of all kinds captured on camera, you will see images that are beautiful, and ugly—if not horrifying and bizarre—and simply defy explanation. Digital technology will be our eyes into a new world of the improbable, the unexplained, the impossible, the bizarre, and the biggest mystery of our existence—life after death! Find it in Virginia.
Tim Scullion is a multiple-genre author, photographer, and musician whose previous books in this series were nominated for consideration in the nonfiction category for the 20th annual Library of Virginia Literary Awards. The Literary Awards celebrate Virginia authors, their publishers, and their literary contributions, and the book Haunted, Historic Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia: With Breakthrough Ghost Photography is a first in the world of paranormal research! He has unlocked techniques to consistently photograph residents of the “other side” in the world’s largest living museum.

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