Now you can, once and for all, lay to rest old hurts, confusion, and emotional ties that no longer serve who you are at this time. Gather the parts of yourself and your soul that have been devastated, wounded, and forgotten and move forward into your eternal life. These 33 elegant Rider-Waite-inspired art cards and a comprehensive guidebook will start you on your path to enlightenment. By collecting all the missing pieces and healing those fragments of the self, you can finally, and fully, become whole. From the colors to the smallest details, the symbols in this exciting deck speak on a soul-deep level to help you intuit and identify the underlying and often-motivational meanings of your life. This provides you with a platform from which to launch the next stage of your Personal Journey. With Strength and Honor, may you seek and find Joy and Grace in your passage.
Artist, author, Tarot reader, mystic, dreamer, and all-round adventurer, Pamela Steele believes we are all Divine Beings having a human experience. As a self-taught artist, she has devoted over five decades to creating paintings and drawings and has self-published both the Steele Wizard Tarot and the Wizard’s Pets Tarot—the ABCs. Pamela has loved Tarot for over four decades. She has also taught Tarot and given presentations through BATS, NeWTS, the local college, public libraries, and at various New Age shows. As a professional massage therapist with a background in natural remedies, Pamela offers physical and spiritual healing to those who seek wholeness. One of her goals is to leave the world and all who dwell upon it better than she found them.

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