The idea that our emotions govern our physical state is recognized spiritually and scientifically, now more than ever. Develop emotional well-being by using the energy of flowers with this powerful self-help tool that explores the 38 Bach flower essence remedies through the practice of positive affirmations. With illuminating invocations and captivating hand-drawn images, you will discover your higher self by using ancient principles relating to earth energy in a way that is fresh and inspiring. Anyone who loves flowers and is interested in developing a positive mindset to counteract emotional challenges will be enchanted by the beauty and simplicity found within this system. With this deck you will be guided to connect with the healing energy of nature, through a deeper communion with self, and transform the limiting beliefs that hold you back from optimal health and wellness. Embrace the self-nourishment and inspiration available from the soulful prose and exquisite drawings throughout and achieve a harmonious inner dialogue, which will result in greater peace and empowerment. Flower energy is everywhere, and it’s here to stay!

Dina Saalisi is a holistic healer with skills as a master flower essence practitioner, board-certified health and wellness coach, certified hypnotherapist, educator, and empath. She is an energeticist with an extraordinary gift for connecting with the many facets of life force energy, and her system of healing is grounded in reverence for nature and the nourishment provided from this universal source. By combining these powerful healing methods, Dina guides others in creating personal empowerment to overcome physical and emotional challenges at the core. She lives in California with her family and two pups, where she can be found listening to flowers amid the many hiking trails, gardens, and parks.

Audrey Violet is an artist interested in trauma, the wisdom it encompasses, and the intersection between ecological loss and the human experience. She currently lives in Tucson.

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