In order to heal, you need to change; and in order to change, you need to move.You know the feeling, when you’re relaxed and then you do something unique, totally out of character . . . and it’s magical! Learn to create these “aha” moments and awaken to new thoughts, creativity and a state of clarity through Tarot in Motion: A Handbook for Divinatory Dance. The process is deceptively simple: create an intention, pull a Tarot card, and then create a dance. Combining Tarot card meanings and movement in a playful way allows problems on physical, mental, and emotional levels to be seen and for healing to begin. Let this handbook be your guide to Tarot in Motion on your own, for group self-discovery sessions, concise card interpretations, connections to the chakras and astrological zones in the body, and methods to celebrating holiday rituals.
Miriam Jacobs is a San Francisco Bay Area healer, and dance enthusiast who has been reading Tarot cards for over 30 years. After a successful career as a visual artist in New York, Miriam found herself drawn to the healing arts. In 1994, she began formal training and was certified in Polarity Therapy.In 1996, Miriam moved to California to continue her healing arts studies and open a private practice. As creator of Polarity Wellness Tarot (2012), and author Tarot and the Chakras (2014), Miriam synchronizes several healing systems with Tarot to bring our experience of ourselves into heightened consciousness.Miriam now uses the cards to support others to create cathartic movement pieces: Tarot in Motion. She focuses on safe share, process and having fun.

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