Who are they really? You may be astounded to learn that UFOs and extraterrestrial beings have been visiting Earth regularly for ages—but not in the way you might think. And abductions are terrifyingly real. For a very long time, men and women have been confronted with nonhumanbeings who physically abused them. Supported by previously overlookedtraditional, religious, and spiritual knowledge, this first-of-its-kindstudy shows that abductions of human beings into UFOs are committed bybeings connected to humankind. The philosophical significance of thesediscoveries is immense. These “space travelers,” or visitors, or kidnappers conduct themselves as neutral observers of the progress of Earth’s affairs. Even more surprising, they can be human beings like us or elementals (such as fairies and elves), and some of them live among us. His shocking, science-based analysis turns previous notions about UFOs and abductions on their head. The presence of aliens on Earth is now established—but not all aliens are extraterrestrials.
Dr Harran holds a PhD in science and was assistant professor and researcher in physics at the University of Pau, France. For the past 14 years, he has studied mysterious phenomena that science has yet to explain (crop circles, then UFOS), using a rational approach. He has developed an interpretation different from the classic extraterrestrial hypotheses. Sources of knowledge left behind by science have served as support for his arguments. He shares his findings through his publications (eight books published so far) and via his website: https://listentotheearth.net. This site receives an average of 5,000 visits per month. Now retired from his university occupation, Dr. Harran is fully devoted to his research. He regularly gives lectures, and in addition to his website he maintains an interactive blog on these subjects.

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