Afterlife: What Really Happens on the Other Side: True Stories of Contact and Communication with Spirits




What really happens after death? Follow the soul?s journey as the last frontier of learning is investigated: the afterlife. Delve into the mysteries of earthbound ghosts, reincarnation, Heaven, Hell, messages from Spirit Guides, the concept of preordained events, and much more. As the author and a gifted clairvoyant explore afterlife communication via actual words of spirits and guides, find out what those on the other side have to say. Read an extensive historic interview with the spirit of Ulysses S. Grant. Visit the battlefields of Gettysburg to learn about a reincarnation, see spirit soldiers, and discover details of the bloody battle that killed so many. Using the Spirit Board, “Ghost Box,” pendulum, and clairvoyant messaging, encounter the spirit of a Confederate soldier who does not realize he has passed and is still fighting the Civil War. Chat with members of the crew from the submarine Thresher that sunk in 1963. See photos of angels, apparitions, ghost animals, fairies, and other paranormal phenomena. Also included is reader instruction for improving supernatural experiences: taking paranormal photos, using equipment, and understanding the investigative process. Become a believer in or better understand the afterlife.

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