Happiness is a skill . . . so why don’t we train for it? Now you can with Awake: A Journal, a Guide, a Retreat, a Friend, which is packed with thought-provoking content and actionable practices that inspire ultimate happiness and achievement. Four key foundations—Exploration, Know Yourself, Meaning, and Presence—blend relevant philosophy, positive psychology, powerful self-development practices, and engaging reflections to boost well-being, creativity, and self-compassion, while easing stress and anxiety to drive you toward peak performance. Awake provides the tools to identify areas that cause us suffering, and gives us the insight to turn our suffering into happiness. It features over 20 self-development practices, 12 guided meditations, mindset tips, good-deed challenges, mindful coloring exercises, and more to help you flourish. This beautifully designed journal can go anywhere and is a blueprint to follow at any age to keep you happy and inspired in every single moment. Available June 28,2021.

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