Enchanted Worlds




Come be transported into Amy Zerner’s creative
vision: a dynamic combination of exquisite tapestries and garments, showcasing
the essence of her collage and clothing masterpieces. Whether you’re interested
in magical surrealist art, fashion design, or the powerful themes of
multiculturalism and the divine feminine, you will find this book a continual source of illumination. Guided by the insightful commentary of her husband, Monte Farber, you’ll experience how Amy takes the world around her
and wondrously transforms it into her own original art forms. By combining fabrics, paint, embroideries, and found objects, Amy creates elaborate and imaginative works of art that act
as signposts to spiritual growth and healing. Throughout the book, inspirations
from archetypal symbols, dreams, alchemy, world cosmologies, goddesses, and sacred
spaces will invite you to open your mind, your heart, and your senses and help recharge and empower you on your own life journey.

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