First Light Tarot: 22 Majors, 22 Insights, 22 Spread Cards




Take your readings to new levels by exploring the depths of the infinite
self while also reaching out into the cosmos with this revolutionary
66-card Tarot set with two brand-new concepts that will make divination
faster, easier, and more accurate for beginners and advanced readers
alike. First, 22 new spread cards eliminate the need to learn cumbersome
pattern arrangements and instantly address the top issues facing people
today. Next, 22 channeled insight cards invite you to look outside
yourself, providing advice on how to make life better here on Earth. The
remaining 22 cards represent the traditional Major Arcana, allowing you
to delve into the self and provide answers to life’s tricky questions. A
companion guide explains the new system and offers alternative ways to
use the deck, including as a meditation or clarification tool. Also
included is a full-size reference card with tips, keywords, and astrological and number definitions.

Includes cards and book.

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Weight 1.567 lbs