From Out of the Blue: A Spiritual Adventure




Join Steve Travis on his journey to self-journey. This very personal account of his awakening to the life within and beyond the physical plane is a fascinating diary of a metamorphosis from skeptic to believer. With Shirley MacLaine’s Out on a Limb as a starting point, Travis began his search. “In the course of my journey, a past-life regression revealed a breathtaking midnight encounter with a famous figure from America’s past. Three entities made their chilling presence known to me in one of my first out-of-body experiences. While experiencing inexplicable instances of synchronicity, I demanded physical proof and was shocked to receive it.” These are but a few of Travis’s fascinating adventures.
From Out of the Blue: A Spiritual Adventure is exciting reading for anyone interested in new age studies. The reader will not only learn of Steve Travis’s adventures, he will also live them.

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