Intuitive Wisdom




This innovative Tarot deck taps into your creativity, intuition, and
inner guidance to create a personally colored deck that not only
resonates with you on a deep, intimate soul level but also allows you to
become your own best oracle! Create your own imaginative Tarot project
that invites greater access to your intuition and wisdom of the higher
self, empowering you to find your path to healing and wholeness. Using
the meditative and artistic action of coloring, harness your awareness
and receive messages that the Tarot offers by coloring 78 artcards
showing animal archetypes. Immerse yourself into the primal lessons from
the animal kingdom and infuse the cards with your own beautiful and
unique energy as you explore this tool for your spiritual journey. Includes 78 Tarot cards to color, and informative guidebook.

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Weight 1 lbs