Nature Mandalas Wonders of the Garden: Life Circles of Biodiversity and Conservancy




From buckeye butterflies to ladybugs, milkweed, and dandelions, Tim Phelps’s mandalas cast an artistic eye on the real and imagined micro-architecture of plants and insects. Vibrant illustrations and an engaging narrative invite the reader to wonder at nature’s seemingly endless variety of forms, from the simple to the complex. Using
the graphic and symbolic patterns of mandalas, the artist combines
color, texture, and fluidity to tell the story of each organism and the role it plays in a healthy ecosystem. These elegant artworks have been shaped by the artist’s interest in art nouveau and art deco, the works of Charley Harper and Ernst Haeckel, and Victorian ornamental art, Asian art, batik, hot rod flame painting, swirling tie dye, and iconography. By exploring the how, what, and why of garden flora and insects, the book encourages us to look closely at the rich biodiversity in our own backyards.

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