Seance 101: Physical Links to the Other Side




Seance 101 explores the physical side of the spirit world and how contact with “the other side” affects you! Read this book to find out :
? How spirits communicate with us by tipping tables. Learn the basics from the New England School of Metaphysics.
? How spirits manifest on film and the methods for using Electronic Voice Phenomena to contact spirits.
? Where to locate and safely open your third eye, that natural intuition that can be developed into a psychic tool. Learn to meditate and set up a seance.
? The importance of psychic surgery, medical practices without tools, anesthesia or pain; trumpet mediumship, where spirits speak from megaphones; and precipitated painting, when spirits paint works of art , without the help of mortals.
? How magic and mediumship are tied together via the spirit of Harry Houdini!
The spirit lives. Will you become a believer?

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