Seeking the Spirits of Palo Kimbisa




Palero Tata
Rodriguez is your guide through this exploration of Palo Kimbisa, an
Afro-Cuban religion where nothing is as it seems: elements of nature
become spirits that speak to the Tata and initiates, clay pots become
miniature sacred groves, and a chef becomes a Tata—a counselor,
protector, and teacher. Palo goddaughter Sophia Kelly Shultz
experiences and relates Tata Rodriguez’s practices through anecdotes,
firsthand accounts, and exquisite pen-and-ink illustrations. Special
passages bring life to concepts represented by each Spirit; others
highlight important facets of the palero’s beliefs and practices.
Stories invite anyone, from future initiates to those who simply wish to
know more about this religion, to get a feel for the rules and
practicalities—and the magic—of Palo.

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