Tarot for the Fiction Writer




Writing a novel is a wild, unpredictable?and oftentimes
stormy?adventure. And sometimes you need a compass to guide you. Because story
is inherent in Tarot’s structure, it is an effective map and storytelling
tool?whether you’re writing a novel in progress or starting out on a brand-new
endeavor. Now you can use Tarot myths, symbols, characters, settings, and innumerable
combinations as a powerful, portable, and imaginative tool for story
development, editing and revisions, publication, and promotion! Each card has a
story to tell you and can help you map out your book. Discover how to hook your
readers. Figure out what happens next. Find a unique twist in a scene. Deepen
your characters’ backgrounds. Create meaningful settings. Identify that “Black
Moment.” Is your novel going in the right direction? Grab your Tarot compass! The
path to publication is just around the corner!

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