The Star Road Map: Divination Beyond Time and Space




The Star Road is the Milky Way, our own glorious and mysterious universe; and we are traveling along this Road, entering the belly of our universe. Here, find a new approach to divination based on the ancient world view of the Mesoamericans to find how to navigate life challenges from a galactic perspective. Mesoamerican tribes that used the 260-day sacred calendar with the 365-day solar calendar are the backdrop for many models of marking time. Why such obsession with time? Discover a clearer picture of what they “saw” in the movement of the cosmos, look at energies in a new way, and adopt a fresh methodology of dealing with life’s circumstances. With 78 beautiful art cards and a guidebook created to help readers piece together a larger view of how the ancient Mesoamericans perceived reality, you will be able to use concepts to create a multidimensional picture of the energies affecting you and Mother Earth in the past, present, and future. Provided are key words, inspirations and energies, goals, light and shadow, and history to assist you on your journey of self discovery.

Includes cards and book.

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