World War II Ghosts: Artifacts Can Talk




The ghosts of World War II are talking. Join a study of paranormal archaeology and latent energy that features 52 wartime artifacts, such as an SS Totenkopf Honor Ring, a Japanese gas mask remnant and pistol, and a bloodstained certificate. Pendulum dowsing, psychometry, electronic voiceprints, and psychic intervention help to explain that the artifacts relate amazing and haunting stories. Learn about the prisoners behind the padlock that emits an energy of death and incarceration; and a man who watched as a comrade fell in death only to take his SS ring. Read about a long-lost sole of a tortured soul; and a swastika on a gold chain that was worn as jewelry in a time of hate and prejudice. As psychic investigators, renowned psychic Jane Doherty, Shamanic Journeyer and Reiki Master Lisa Palandrano, and New Jersey Ghost Organization psychic Maryanne Vasnelis join forces with the author/sensitive to prove that these artifacts can talk.

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