Yasmeen Westwood is a self-taught photomanipulation artist living in West Sussex in the United Kingdom. She had always wished to be an artist but could not paint or draw. Then she came across Photoshop. Her passion for playing with images led to the creation of her first deck, The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams. She sees magic both in the people and landscapes she photographs. She loves taking images and manipulating them to create magical, fantasy worlds, and it is this magic that she has tried to depict in this deck. She holds a BSc (Hons) degree in biochemistry and an MSc in immunopharmacology&mdash both achieved in the UK. Prior to being a photographer, she worked in the oil and gas industry, training and coaching in health and safety and quality management. She is also trained in NLP, hypnotherapy, and life coaching, as well as being a Reiki master. Her first deck, The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams, was created in 2018, was awarded a publishing contract, and was released worldwide in November 2019 by REDFeather Publishing. A limited number of the decks were self-published, and they were highly reviewed by many Tarot bloggers such as Bellben, TABI, Angelorum, et al., as was the Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle. She was a finalist for her artwork, for the MPower, Mums in Business National Business Awards. She lives on the South Coast of England, by the sea, with her son, Arran.

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