Karen Robbins has devoted her life to educating and entertaining children as an elementary-school teacher,?Romper Room?television show teacher, author, publisher, book/toy designer, and inventor with a US patent. She is the proud mother of four sons and a right-brain creative whose passion is making books and toys for children. More than 300,000 copies of her books are in circulation worldwide. Her most recent award-winning books are?Care For Our World?and?Shoe Print Art.?Karen has a master? degree in education from the University of Puget Sound. She lives in Gig Harbor, Washington.
“Karen Robbins' series of Think Shape Books will inspire young children to start thinking and learning at an early age. What a great series for cognition and physical hand eye coordination! Bright, bold and colorful collage images express familiar child images. Kids will find lots of learning and fun. The Think Shapes Books are another clever concept by award-winning author and book designer, Karen Robbins.” –MaryAnn F Kohl, author, educator, publisher, and consultant (www.brightring.com)

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