How to Manifest a Stress-Less Lifestyle in 5 Simple Steps

by Shannon Cox and Natalie O’Brien, creators of The Intuitive Adventure

What do you need to make your life a little bit easier? Have you tried schedules, weekly menus, alarms on your phone — and my favourite — writing reminders on your hand?  Are you always running late, over-promising, and wanting to fit as much as possible into one day?

The stress-less life may seem like the beach holiday that is too far away.  But what if you could blend the beach holiday with your day-to-day existence? 

Successful manifesting occurs when you offer your desires to the universe and watch them land mysteriously in your world.

Manifesting is not a new concept – in fact, there are many books and movies on the subject. The practice is also known as “Law of Attraction”, the idea that we are creating our existence, and by focusing our thoughts in certain areas, we can change our way of living.

So how do we connect manifesting with your stress-less life?  Let’s break this down into bite size chunks.

1.  What if you are exactly where you are meant to be, all the time? There would be no such thing as tardiness, wrong turns, or mistakes. One time, I was six minutes late to a dental appointment and was lectured by a nurse. After that, if there was anyone who was terrified of being late, it was me.

I changed my thinking and asked the universe for assistance. Now if I am late, there is no downside.  In fact, there is a benefit. For example, once my daughter ran late for her ballet class. I was agitated, she was upset. When we arrived fifteen minutes late for her class, we found the students seated while the teacher explained all the necessary steps for an upcoming exam — an exam my daughter would not attend anyway.  Indeed, it appears the reason for my lateness now brings a little smile to my face.  

2.  A great tool I use all the time is “The Universe To-Do List”: I pass off some items on my to-do list over to the Universe. The way the tasks get done still leaves me in wonder. It might be my husband mentioning folded the laundry without prompt or my boss postponing a meeting I have not prepared for.

When our bathroom badly needed renovation, the landlord offered to cover the cost of replacing the bath and shower. All that was left was the old toilet and floor tiles, but my husband soon realized we only had enough money to cover the cost of the tile. As the builder tiled, the toilet broke! Thankfully, the landlord offered to cover the cost of replacing the toilet. 

Relax, grab a piece of paper, and write down all the chores that need a hand. Release your process of achieving & trust that somehow, you will get the assistance you need.

3.  Daily Intentions is another useful tool. Before you get out of bed in the morning, think about what you would like to get done: this could be time to relax by yourself, with your family, or friends. You do not have to write these intentions down in a checklist. Just make a mental note.

4.  There are no rules on what you can manifest; whatever you desire and believe is possible is fair game. Free clothes, beautiful moments with people you love, a carpark close to where you wish to be…every time. If your carpark does not turn up, there is a reason: maybe you also asked for more opportunities to exercise or forgot something you needed to pick up.

5.  Take time for yourself.  Ask the Universe for more time doing things you love. These can be simple things like cooking, walking, painting, or a luxurious bath.  It is so important to take care of yourself. Believe in the importance of self-care and add it to the Universe To-Do List. You will thank me later.

About the Authors

Shannon Cox is an Australian mother and business owner who was diagnosed with a stress disorder in 2013 leaving her unable to walk. With no medical solutions on how to fix this, she discovered  alternative ways to help her recover the full use of her mind, body and soul. What she thought would be a method of healing her body, turned out to be a collection of activities to grow her intuition. This journey showed her what she truly desired was not only possible but could also be manifested into her daily life and business. Shannon continues the adventure connecting with her intuitive self, and sharing new tools and ways to trust your soul. With her dear friend Cheriee by her side, you will find courses, books, and retreats as well as a lot of fun at Natalie O’Brien has worked with symbols, sound, light language, and light transference. She helps people embrace growth, change, and soul expansion, but what she is truly passionate about is people living their authentic truth in the world.