What’s in your Spiritual Toolbox?

with Michelle Motuzas, creator of Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards, The Wild Elemental Oracle, The Empathic Oracle, and Intuitive Wisdom

Let’s unpack your spiritual toolbox!

Its Saturday morning and you look at your to-do list:

  • Fix the hole in the bathroom wall
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Rake the yard

Fixing the hole in the wall has been on your list for weeks now.

You know you need to do it, you even want to do it (kind of,) but every time you work yourself up to get it done, you find that you are missing something important: the compound, the putty knife thingamajig….so it goes back on your to do list for the next weekend. Because, well, you just don’t have it in you to go out and get yet another tool. You have a pretty full toolbox, right? Or, maybe your toolbox consists of a few random, scattered pieces strewn around the house.

Your toolbox needs to be able to accommodate all the things you need to do.

If it doesn’t, then very little is going to get done.

The same can be said for your Spiritual Toolbox.

The repercussions of ignoring your Spiritual Toolbox may not be as visually apparent as the hole in the wall you keep meaning to fix, but trust me, THESE consequences will be felt in ALL areas of your life.

What should be in your spiritual toolbox?


First, let me say that nothing should be in your toolbox. My dad always told me,

“Never ‘should’ on yourself.”

Let’s go back to our Saturday morning analogy.

You drive to the hardware store and aimlessly walk down the aisles – there are so many tools! Do you need all of them? Not usually, although it depends.

What do you already have at home? I know when I rummage through my junk drawer I can find an odd screwdriver, an ancient hammer that was my Grampy’s, some extra screws that came with an old piece of furniture and a piece of sandpaper from an art experiment.

Take stock.

What do you already have that would be great in a spiritual toolbox? I like to break down spiritual tools into three categories: Foundational, Dailies and Physical.

First, there are the intangible skills and practices that are Foundational.

To our analogy these are the skills needed, can you swing a hammer? Do you know how to calibrate a torque wrench?

Now consider the Spiritual Toolbox. What are your Absolute Truths? Where does your Moral Compass lie?  What is your Belief system?

Then there are what I like to call the Dailies.

Dailies for around the house: screwdriver, hammer, duct tape, etc.

What are the tools that help me get through each day in a joyous and high vibrational way? These could be:

  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Time in nature
  • Ritual
  • Affirmations
  • Exercise
  • Creating
  • Sleep (Oh how I love my sleep!)
  • Gratitude
  • Therapy
  • Activism
  • Energy Healing practices
  • Being present
  • Yoga
  • Grounding
  • Gratitude practices

Next are the Physical tools. These are what you can hold in your hand, look at, and place in your environment. They are also special to you and your interests.

Specialty tools are designed to do one thing, but to do it well.

  • Crystals
  • Oracle or Tarot Cards
  • Singing Bowls
  • Pendulums
  • Representations of Gods & Goddesses
  • Items from nature
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Jewelry
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Essential Oils

What Physical tools you have will depend on a lot of what religious or spiritual traditions you have incorporated into your life. You will assemble this over time. This is not something you will pack your Amazon cart with and get next day delivery and have them be functional.

Let me be clear, without the Foundational and Daily tools, these Physical tools will not help you very much, if at all.  From the bottom up, your Physical tools will super charge your Dailies and help you reinforce and manifest your Foundational means.

Your toolbox will look totally different than anyone else’s. You bring to it all your experience, innate gifts, and skills. Your toolbox will also be ever evolving. The Foundational tools may shift and change as you grow, heal, and learn. Your Dailies will also change to accommodate the changes in your foundation. The Physical tools tend to be the more flexible and fluid.

Your toolbox will continue to grow and get bigger. However, there may be some tools that you outgrow or that you find no longer serve you. It is perfectly okay to toss these if that is what feels best. Or, you may put some aside only to re-discover them later.

Give yourself permission to be extremely flexible in certain areas.

For example, right now I am going through a massive life change. I have moved to a different part of the country to care for my mom. As a Virgo-moon and a lover of routine, I sometimes feel as though my head will explode or I am wandering aimlessly without direction. But I will not force the direction, because nothing makes sense yet; my experience is still unfolding. I do not yet know what being with my mother is going to look like. I have put my journaling on a hiatus, I do not know what phase the moon is if my life depended on it, and my cards are packed away somewhere.

Currently, my most-used tools are breathing, being present, and sleeping when I need it. Intuitively, I know that grounding and submerging myself in nature more is next. I am not beating myself up if I miss my usual rituals or fail to write down three things I am grateful for in the morning.  

So, what is in your Spiritual Toolbox? Does it have exactly what you need at any given moment? Is it packed so full of unused or unnecessary tools that you have a hard time breaking through to find what works for you?

Here is my personal checklist for allowing a tool in my kit:

  • Does it Soothe?
  • Does it build on and elevate what I am currently doing?
  • Does it bring Joy?
  • Does it inspire me?
  • Does it continue my personal path to self-knowledge and healing?
  • Does it feel right?

Every once and a while, it is a good practice to examine the tools you use and determine if they still work for you. We can get into a rut, unable to step back and see what is and is not working for us.

Make sure your tools deliver you:

  • Clarity
  • Purpose
  • Joy
  • Inspiration
  • Comfort*
  • Growth
  • Healing
  • Progress

*I want to take a moment and talk about being too comfortable in your practices. If your goal is growth and healing, comfort does not help. Train yourself to recognize the difference between being comfortable and being brought comfort.

I am comforted by grounding and nature – but I know that in my yoga practice, progress begins where comfort ends. Without increasing my stamina, focus, or muscle growth, working out is merely an illusion. One must objectively review one’s life honestly if we are to grow.

Is self-awareness and brutal honesty part of your foundational practice? Because it belongs there.

I ask you again, what is in your spiritual toolbox?

Start with a solid Foundation and build your Dailies from there. Do not focus so much on the Physical tools, the aesthetics of Spirituality, that you forget your base.

You are your business; give yourself time to invest in creating and maintaining your unique spiritual toolbox.

For a free downloadable checklist, click here.

About the Author

Michelle Motuzas has been a psychic medium and a student of shamanism for more than twenty years. She is the author/artist of The Shamanic Healing Oracle, The Wild Elemental Oracle, Intuitive Wisdom Tarot, and the coauthor and artist of The Empathic Oracle. Living in New England, she finds inspiration from the natural landscape and wildlife that surrounds her. In addition to her spiritual practice, writing, and creating illustrations, she also has a fine-arts practice. Find more information about Michelle at www.michelleamotuzas.com.