Museum Quality

Schiffer Publishing


A high-energy mix for all who make and appreciate contemporary art quilts. With more than 650 photos, enjoy this journey through the art quilt collections that are held in five different museums across the United States. Each has a different...

Modern Judaica

Schiffer Publishing


For anyone with an interest in Judaica and sacred objects, this book presents some of the most outstanding examples of contemporary Judaica—sacred Jewish objects—that have been created over the last 30+ years. Fifty-three makers have told their stories in their...

Mixed-Media Adventures with Kristy Rice

Schiffer Publishing


With this special twist on the reverse coloring book, enjoy a new way to relax, express your creative self, and add joy to your life. Plus, you’ll have dozens of pages to keep or give as beautiful mixed-media creations! On...

Easy Weaving with Supplemental Warps

Schiffer Publishing


Imagine being able to weave overshot along the length of your cloth with just one shuttle or being able to weave terry cloth towels for your bath. All this and more is possible on just four shafts by using a...

Pop-Up Paper Spheres

Schiffer Publishing


Famous in Japan for his three-dimensional pop-up art, Seiji Tsukimoto now offers the secrets (well, actually clear, easy-to-follow instructions) to making amazing globe-shaped paper artworks using only paper and scissors. These 3-D spheres feature images, intricate patterns, and even messages...

The AIFD Guide to Floral Design

Schiffer Publishing


The AIFD Guide to Floral Design is the floral designer’s ultimate reference guide. Everything from plant physiology to design elements to cut flower care and handling is covered in this meticulously complied compendium. Don’’t expect a lot of pretty pictures,...

The Carver's Handbook

Schiffer Publishing


With the help of this book, you will be able to transform a block of balsa wood into a chickadee poised for flight, a chipmunk nibbling a nut, a ponderous box turtle, or a relief carving of the Holy Family.Thorough...

Country Carving

Schiffer Publishing


Over 500 black-and-white photographs and illustrations present the techniques for carving hound dogs, raccoons, and a coon hunter as well as their surroundings. Color photographs show the complete painting process and the delight of the finished carvings.[AuthorName]Tom Wolfe[/AuthorName][CoAuthor][/CoAuthor][NumIllustration]91 color photos,...

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