A behind the scenes look at the creation of Powerful Perspectives: Part Two

Jan, 31 , 23

RF: That was a great story about how you met? How did the process move along from there? Amy: Well, I was working on a series of images that could...

A behind the scenes look at the creation of Powerful Perspectives: Part One

Jan, 30 , 23

RF: So with Amy being from the states and Amanda being from Canada, I must start by asking: How did you two meet?   Amy: Well, I started following her...

The Dream Gate

Dec, 16 , 22
Dream.  Here is a word that encompasses a vast territory of experience that lies beyond time and space.  The ancient Egyptians defined “dream” not as an activity, not as a verb, but as a noun.

Wisdom For Wee Ones

Dec, 15 , 22

by Mark Byers  Having a child changes, you.  And it makes you think about the future.  A lot (something I wasn’t so good at before that…).  So, when our daughter...

Between the Worlds

Nov, 29 , 22
What is it like to walk between worlds? Although impossible to articulate this unusual feeling, you can certainly try by using my latest oracle deck. For me, the act of engaging in divination is the ability to be everywhere and nowhere simultaneously. I walk between two specific realms....

Listening to Flowers

Nov, 17 , 22
Working with the energy of flowers is my passion. Through the years I’ve learned to listen carefully to the 38 Bach flower remedies, and to receive their messages as medicine.

Lenormand decks vs Lenormand of Enchantment: What’s the real difference?

Nov, 10 , 22

A deck is one of the most powerful tools used to connect with your clients by offering them relevant and accurate information, making their experience meaningful and keep having them...

Harnessing Positive Affirmations During Hard Times

Oct, 27 , 22
These simple practices for renewal and strength can de-tense you. In this way you can counter the negative effects of stress.  You have the power to give yourself a respite with relaxed breathing combined with positive affirmations. 
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