Now you can find the key to well-being, total health, and eternal youth by using the cosmic energies activated by the moon! Based on ancient Japanese energy healing wisdom, this book combines the Eastern and Western element systems using the moon, revealing the energy flows of the body. Discover how to tune your organs into a cosmic symphony of creation by understanding the 12 Soul Gates and how to activate energies that will transform your life, enabling you to become a conscious creator of your own destiny. Understand how astrology and the moon work together to initiate your good health, happiness, and success. Learn about energy and vibration and how to merge them to influence your body and your reality. Find out who you really are in this world?r rather how you become what you are?nd what the Moon has to do with how you present yourself and perceive your reality!
Irene Lauretti is a German-Italian energy healing therapist. In her work she combines the moon, Tarot, and numerology with the ancient healing arts of the Far East to create a unique way to discover the Self and heal from within. Using these self-healing arts herself, Irene found the moon to be the missing link to total health and well-being. After a near-death experience, the wisdom of the moon and the cosmic code of creation were given to her. This, along with her healing experience, enabled her to understand why and how the moon affects us and why humans function the way they do. Irene? German language books are all bestsellers and have already helped thousands of readers. She offers life counseling based on numerology, the wisdom of the moon, and the Tarot. For information and to book a counseling session, see Irene? webpage or email her directly at:?

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