Mythical creatures are cultural artifacts?reations of the human imagination from all around the world. From terrifying monsters to sacred mystical beasts, weird-looking humanoids, magical birds, and many other fantastic beings, the mythological creatures in this book are sure to enchant and amaze! Discover myths and legends spanning from ancient times to modern day from every corner of the globe. Learn the cultural origins of 240 different mythical creatures, captured in ten chapters and 100 colorful illustrations. You will find terrifying bogey monsters as well as benevolent guardians. Meet creatures that symbolize obstacles to overcome, ones that explain the occurrence of disease, some that ward away evil, and others that were created simply for amusement. Explore mythology from the Middle East, Africa, India, Japan, Mexico, Europe, Polynesia, and beyond. This guide is a ticket to travel the world and discover its strangest magical beasts from the safety of your own home
Author Heather Frigiola is a creative researcher with a master? degree in cultural anthropology. Originally from the suburbs of Washington, DC, her life adventures have taken her all across the United States. She has been a teaching assistant and a guest lecturer at different universities, specializing in topics such as human-animal interaction, ancient civilizations, and comparative mythology. Illustrator Sky Cybele is the creator of the?Mythical Creatures Oracle. She lives in an enchanted world full of magical beasts. She also sells unique hand-beaded necklaces and likes to dance.

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