Rebecca Valette grew up in Boulder, Colorado, in a home decorated with traditional Navajo rugs. Her husband, Jean-Paul, discovered the beauty of these weavings while the two were studying for their PhDs at the University of Colorado. In the 1970s, they acquired a Navajo blanket featuring a tall single dancer. Intrigued by its imagery, they began investigating its history and origin. Over the next four decades, they assembled a collection of over one hundred ceremonial-themed textiles. They also published several articles in?American Indian Art Magazine?and?Hali?and curated two museum exhibits of Yeibichai weavings. The many aspects of their research, which has taken them across the Navajo Reservation and to museums around the country, are brought together here in this comprehensive volume. Every August, the Valettes return west to Santa Fe to enjoy its invigorating atmosphere and to reconnect with Navajo artists, collectors, and scholars.

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