The Minoan Tarot




Minoans meet modern Tarot in this unique, vibrant 86-card deck and guidebook
that call on archetypes of Tarot through iconography of a civilization that
flourished two millennia before the advent of Christianity. Using the Minoan
palette from the ruins of the temple complexes and cities, the artwork was
created entirely by hand, inspired by beautiful works of art from ancient
Crete. Connect with the mysterious snake priestesses, labyrinthine temple
complexes, and courageous bull-leapers. Explore gender-balanced face cards
reflecting the egalitarian nature of Minoan society that makes this deck
especially relevant for modern users: Priest and Priestess, Lord and Lady,
Youth and Maid. Each card displays symbols from an ancient writing system and
keywords reflecting literal image concepts or pointing to deeper meanings. This
deck and comprehensive guidebook can also be used for meditation and personal
growth. Experienced or new readers will find The Minoan Tarot a
natural tool. Includes cards and book.

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