Welcome to the world of Lenormand! This system of divination was inspired by Madame Adelaide Lenormand, a well-known psychic at the time of the French Revolution, and was first realized in the late 1700s. This guide will help readers master a style that yields practical advice applicable to today? world. Receive answers to your most puzzling questions by following simple steps that lead you through each of the 36 cards. Learn to work with spreads that will take you from beginning layouts to the famed revealing of the 8 keys that unlock the Grand Tableau, which uses all the cards in one spread for an in-depth reading. Identify and understand the symbolism of regular playing cards; find out the physical attributes of people identified in your readings; learn about love, health, money, time, and more. Can be used with any Lenormand deck.
Alexandre Musruck is internationally known for his extra accurate readings. He is a passionate reader of oracle cards and has created numerous decks, from Tarot to Angel oracles, as well as his many attractive Lenormand decks. He has been working with the Lenormand for twenty-three years. Alexandre loves to teach people how to use their intuition, and you can find his many teaching videos and insights on his YouTube channel. When he? not writing books, creating oracle cards, teaching audiences, or working with clients, he enjoys life on his exotic island of R?nion, a peaceful, heavenly place in the Indian Ocean, with his loving and supportive wife, Erika, his six-year-old son, Rapha?, and baby girl, Mathilde. Find more information about Alexandre at:?alexandremusruck@gmail.com, www.angelcartomancy.com, and www.youtube.com/LenormandandKipperReading.

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