Beginning in 2007 with her first Majors-only Tarot deck entitled The Theban Tarot, Beth Seilonen opened the doors to exploring what she has described as "the most versatile genre of art." Ever a continual study of how, just by merely changing a point of view, how one interprets and responds to a situation presented within the cards is altered. This provides a continual pragmatic approach as Beth asks the proverbial question posed by her oldest daughter: "What if?"So, what if a Siamese cat created a Tarot deck? Here is one possible solution only Beth could create! She continues to explore the Tarot, oracle, and Lenormand decks, always asking "What if?"Beth, with a BA of Fine Arts, University of Maine, Ovono, '98, has over 70 decks with more on the way. This deck is based upon a lifetime of observations of her Siamese cat, Isis.

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