Take your readings to new levels by exploring the depths of the infiniteself while also reaching out into the cosmos with this revolutionary66-card Tarot set with two brand-new concepts that will make divinationfaster, easier, and more accurate for beginners and advanced readersalike. First, 22 new spread cards eliminate the need to learn cumbersomepattern arrangements and instantly address the top issues facing peopletoday. Next, 22 channeled insight cards invite you to look outsideyourself, providing advice on how to make life better here on Earth. Theremaining 22 cards represent the traditional Major Arcana, allowing youto delve into the self and provide answers to life? tricky questions. Acompanion guide explains the new system and offers alternative ways touse the deck, including as a meditation or clarification tool. Alsoincluded is a full-size reference card with tips, keywords, and astrological and number definitions.<br><br>Includes cards and book.
Reading cards for over thirty years, Dinah wanted to develop an originalway to read cards for people who didn? necessarily have the time tolearn elaborate methods. Finding the Hubble photos amazing and beautiful, she chose some of the shots that felt ?ight?for her First Light deck and then moved forward to a full system of divination.
Additionally, Dinah has a passion for the horror/science fiction/fantasy world and is proud, too, of her SiFi/Fantasy/horror novels: Good Rat, DYSFUNCTIONAL, No Way Out, and Spider School. Her current nonfiction book credits include, Ghosts of Phoenixville and Valley Forge (PA); Spooky York, Pennsylvania (co-authored with Scott Butcher), Spooky Creepy Baltimore County (MD), Cape May Haunts (NJ); Psychic Pets: Solving Paranormal Mysteries, The Ghost Hunter? Took Kit, Animals Impacting the World (with Mary Gasparo), UFO & Alien Management: A Guide to Discovering, Evaluating, and Directing Sightings, Abductions, and Contactee Experiences, and a variety of nonfiction travel, romance, and career development books.

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