Gaia, or Mother Earth, is our home. In this collection of 40 photographic art cards based on the natural world, each card combines two or three nature photographs forming a new, unique image full of color and vibrancy. This rich layering offers nuances of meaning that change every time you view a card. Use the cards as an oracle, a poetic guidebook, or as inspiration for prayers, poetry, story or song, drawing, painting, or sculpting.?By meditating on the cards, you can use Gaia? wisdom to spark your own intuition. Listen to Gaia speaking through these beautiful cards and you?l find the answers you seek!<br><br>Includes cards and book.
Doris Diamond discovered the joy of photography after retiring from teaching elementary school. She has taught numerous workshops about tarot and divination, personal growth and earth-honoring spirituality. Doris loves to be in nature and to travel the world with a camera in her hands. She is so glad to be on this adventure called life and sharing it enthusiastically with her husband, family, and friends. Susan Starr is a creative writer, editor, Reiki practitioner, and certified holistic health coach. She has been a student of Tarot and other divinatory methods for the last dozen years. Nature-based spirituality informs her worldview and her connection to the Divine. She is a lover of words, of animals, of food, of handmade anything, and of her daughters, most of all.

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