Scott Thompson was born in an era when all kids thought about was World War II. He started reenacting in 2002 as a German Panzergrenadier, or armored infantryman. Always interested in cooking outdoors for large groups of people, he was lucky enough to find an original 1939 German field kitchen, and became a company cook, or ?uchenbulle?with his original WWII Gulaschkanone (goulash cannon). He is author of ?ulaschkanone: The German Field Kitchen in WW2 & Reenacting? the president and a founder of the Central Illinois World War II Reenactors, Inc., and also owns a Flak 38 20mm anti-aircraft gun. He may be reached at: Scott L Thompson 12109 Mennonite Church Rd, Tremont, Illinois 61568 USA, 309-635-2147. Email: He resides in Tremont, Illinois with his wife Terry, and has a daughter, Bethany.

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