Negativity affects every aspect of your life. Explore the five variants?ou, your partner, your family, your home and yard, and your work?hat cause negative energy to enter into your life, and then create and allow positive energy to flow around you by breaking harmful patterns and raising your metaphysical energy vibrations. Learn to improve your attitude, emotions, relationships, and career associations, so you can produce the most beautiful life for yourself. Identify tools already found in your home or garden, your local grocery, or new age store that will clear negativity. Through practical examples, you will gain methods to live more effectively by empowering your intentions so that you welcome positive people, opportunities, and events into your life. Then you can evolve with the highest, purest positive vibrations supporting you and your well-being. Get positive, live positive!
Melinda D. Carver is the official psychic of the Tarot Guild and hosts?Positive Perspectives?and?Mystical Muse?radio shows. She is a positive energy specialist bringing energy healing to people and their homes. Melinda has appeared on TV, radio, metaphysical expos, conferences, corporate events, groups, and stores. She has published articles and interviews for several magazines and has thirteen featured workshop titles in the?Holistic Highway to Wisdom?DVD Series. She is the creator of Melinda? Positive Products, an award-winning line of positive energy and manifesting tools.

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