Dolores, aka the Gorgon or Gorgs for short, was born in Spain at a time when the country was straddling a no-man? land between the late middle-ages and recalcitrant proto modernity. In due course she emigrated, travelled for a while and ended up putting down roots in London. To this day she is not sure why she picked London, or allowed herself to sprout roots, for that matter. She lives there with an exasperating chronic illness, two temperamental computers, the numerous creatures that emanate from them, more books than she has shelves for, and interesting wildlife in her garden. She is devoted to her graphics and to the few notions and principles that have survived a life-long habit of reconsidering, adjusting, readjusting and pruning the garden of her intellectual life. She loves animals, art, Flamenco music, good ideas, and the few friends that linger in her ecosystem.

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