Trees are guardians of our lives, but there is a drastic contrast between the living and the dead in nature and spirit. These disquieting, yet beautiful 78 Tarot cards and guidebook identify a clear correlation of how humans exist within current times. We become less functional, depleted, and unable to connect to our personal happiness as we pull our nourishment from a depleted source. These guardians will teach you that in a nourishing environment, where your needs are met and supported by others, you grow stronger. By bringing two entities together?rees and humans?ou will journey along a path to unite and foster awareness of the importance between nature and yourself and promote your own personal development and joy. Find a nourishing environment and improve your life with the guardianship of trees.
Beth Seilonen, a graduate from University of Maine, Orono 1998, has created 100+ decks since 2007. Initially, she was inspired to create an entire Majors-only deck just to be able to understand the symbols and iconography better. Once Beth began, she found that this genre of art was a continual source of various nuances and concepts waiting to be explored and expressed.

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