With sincere intent, it is possible to heal with spirit! The ancient Chinese called the spirit energy, ?hi.?In the nineteenth century, this force was termed the ?stral light?by theosophists, ?nimal magnetism?by Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer, and now bioenergy. Native Americans, psychics, and mediums have achieved remarkable healings with the intervention of spirit entities.This guide explains how psychic healers operate through hands-on healing, spirit guides, and clairvoyance. Learn about many remarkable healers, including Andrew Jackson Davis, Edgar Cayce, James Rogers Newton, and today? intuitive healer Caroline Myss who works directly with physicians. Myss has been said to have ninety-three percent accuracy in diagnosis. Healing with Spirit is filled with exercises to guide the reader through various phases of spirit communication?rom health intuition to medical mediumship. Examine valuable information involving developing intuition and after-life communication.
Elaine Kuzmeskus, MS, director of the New England School of Metaphysics, is the author of seven books, including?The Art of Mediumship. She was selected to conduct the official Houdini S?nce and has been featured on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS),?Coast to Coast?radio, and Lily Dale Assembly.

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