Ascend to unbelievable heights by developing imagination?while exploring personal unique gifts through 50 stunning oracle cards and a quick-and-easy guidebook. Whimsical messages will help enhance life and express feelings as the reader creates a ?ind Painting?of his/her ideal self?omeone who they would like to become?nd then ascend to unbelievable heights by developing the imagination. Talented people throughout the ages?reat thinkers, authors, poets, painters, and composers?ave shared wonderful creations with humankind, and readers can too by developing the innate talents that slumber deep within the Soul.?Includes 50 art cards and full-color guidebook.[/AuthorName]
Judy Mastrangelo has painted all of her life, and she daydreams about her paintings for a while before putting them on canvas. This preliminary technique of ?ind Painting?helps her to develop an imaginative work of art. She licenses her artwork in several markets, and many products using her paintings are available for purchase to the public, such as wall murals and art prints of her paintings. She has done artwork for other inspirational card decks and has also written and illustrated several books, which include themes of poetry, fairytales, and fairies. Judy? author? page on Amazon can be found at: To learn more about her art and products, please visit:

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