Marco Marini began his research in the esoteric field in London, where he studied in depth the Kabbalistic discipline and archetypal symbology, paying particular attention to the world of tarots and astrology. He has taught Kabbalah over the last fifteen years at Association and Cultural Institutes, in Italy and England.
He regularly writes articles for several magazines in the holistic sector, with particular predilection for publications related to Numerology and its correspondences with the Hebrew culture.
He is often a guest on Italian television programs as an expert of Kabbalah and Numerology. Luigi Scapini was born in Verona in 1946. He obtained a degree in architecture in 1971 in Florence. He has worked in the field of sacred art and is an academic professor of history of art, scenery and customs. He also works as an art therapist and an art therapy trainer, glass window and mosaic maker, painter and illustrator. He has created fifteen tarot decks distributed all around the world, such as the Medieval Scapini Tarot and 19 of the ?ary-Yale Visconti?tarot, edited in the U.S.A.

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