Hanne Andreassen Hjelm? is a photographer with her own company. She also has two children. Hanne likes to work creatively and her ideas for new garments mean that she often knits long into the night. Even when she is standing in line, is in the car (please note, on the passenger side), or chatting with friends, she always has her knitting along. Color and design are what mean most for her. She takes all the photos for KlompeLOMPE and designs our patterns.Torunn Steinsland was trained as a technical illustrator and works as a construction and technical designer in a consulting engineering company. She has two children. Torunn has always crocheted, and learned to knit when she had a child. She likes to create unique children? clothing. Her knitting tools are always at hand and the needles are quickly taken out when she settles in her sofa corner after a busy day. Torunn likes organization and takes on the ordering and accounting for KlompeLOMPE.

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