Rita Rose (artist and author) is a writer, teacher, self-taught artist, mystery school initiate, and Tarot card practitioner. She has had a lifelong interest in magical and shamanic traditions and often explores these topics in her creative writing and her artwork. For many reasons, Rita has always considered herself an "outsider." She currently makes weird art, enjoys her sometimes weird family, spends time with creatively rebellious friends, and teaches legal writing at Chapman University School of Law. For more information on Rita's artwork, please visit her website at www.ritaroseart.com. You may also follow her on instagram @ritaroseart. Jana Pesek (photographer / graphic designer) is an award-winning photographer, as well as an artist, graphic designer, and creative visionary. Jana took Rita's original Tarot art and transformed it into the bold and colorful cards that make up the Outsider Art Tarot.

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