Tony Spaeth’s contributions to the emerging field of Corporate Identity began in 1964. He was a firm believer in the use of design as a corporate leadership tool, integrating the social ingenuity of corporations and the graphic arts in the process of naming and design. Since 1990, as an independent voice, he mentored many in the next generation of designers and identity consultants. Tony collaborated internationally, and was invited to speak at conferences in Brazil, Canada, the Czech Republic, Romania and Russia. He shared his expertise as a contributing author to “Across the Board”, gave generously of his concepts and strategy tools through his website for Identityworks and through the Corporate Brand Matrix.

With degrees in architecture (Princeton ‘55) and an MBA (Harvard ‘63), Tony remained active in alumni public service initiatives. As an advisor to Princeton Project ‘55 and a founding director and secretary of Partners of ’63, he contributed to a new paradigm in alumni mobilization and civic engagement.

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