Start the party?tea, wine, or margaritas; you decide! The Tarot Game encourages storytelling and laughter, providing a fun environment to address life's issues. Friends gather around the game board, roll the dice, and move along a spiraling snake, learning from the Tarot and each other. Through the Tarot wisdom, players realize lessons of the past, see the truth of present circumstances, and refine choices for the future. Each play of the game creates a meaningful experience, and players attain a complete Tarot card reading at the game's end. Professional and experienced readers can organize and facilitate game parties, offering in-depth interpretations for the readings. Whether you play on your own or with friends, you will find that this isn't just a game?t's an event!
Jude Alexander is a professional Tarot reader, life counselor, and teacher of intuitive Tarot card reading. She began her Tarot studies in 1998 in Northern California. She has developed and refined The Tarot Game through play at events and parties.

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