When you have empathy for someone or something, you are able to control it at any given time, because you are reacting to cues from someone else? experience. An empath feels everything and everyone all the time, whether wanted or not! This striking oracle will delve into all the aspects of being an empath through 56 elegant oracle cards and an insightful guidebook. Learn how to manage, heal, and navigate empathic experiences to flourish as an empath. Discover how to identify, process, and command the emotions and energies that bombard you day after day. As a meditation, teaching, and divination tool, explore methods to understand and manage the deep and vital energies that surround you, and harness all the love the universe wants to pour into you. The world desperately needs you; now you can take control of your experiences and master anxiety and turmoil.
Steve Wilson is an ordained Spiritualist Minister, Shamanic healer, psychic, teacher, and paranormal investigator with more than thirty years experience helping people to understand their empathic gifts. Michelle Motuzas is a psychic medium, Shamanic practitioner, and an intuitive artist. She has over thirteen years experience assisting people with recognizing and overcoming the energetic blocks they have in this life.

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