TJ Perkins has been practicing Wicca for 13-plus years, achieving the status of second degree and Journeywoman. Her prior Pagan picture book for ages 0??,?Four Little Witches, won the 2016 COVR Visionary Art Award. TJ is a gifted and well-respected author in the mystery/suspense genre for YA and fantasy for teens and children and has had eight YA mysteries and a five-book fantasy series titled Shadow Legacy. A strong presence at Balticon, TJ conducts writer workshops, and the author?? short stories for young readers have appeared in the?Ohio State 6th Grade Proficiency Test Preparation Book,?Kid?? Highway Magazine, and webzine?New Works Review. TJ?? work has placed five times in the CNW/FFWA chapter book competition, and a short story of light horror for tweens, ??he Midnight Watch,??was published 2007 by Demon Minds Magazine. Adult short stories include ??edemption,??The Reading Place anthology (2014), ??he Sapphire Circle,??Dark Luminous Wings (2017), ??hief in the Night,??FLASH (2017), and more.

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