This book is a hybrid. It? a journal, a sketchbook, a planner, but mostly it? a fun collaboration between you and me. These images and words are mere jumping-off points for your own creativity. Go off on a tangent. Write about elves and fairyland. Draw boxes or rabbits or dollface ladies. Of course there are also pages for writing and planning and thinking because those things are good. Gallop through this exciting journey anyway you want?ack to front . . . upside down . . . It? not judging you. Add petals to those circles that could be flowers. Draw a house on that big moon. Try to figure out if that little dude with the shovel is gardening or hiding a body?hen write his story. This open-minded book is about enjoying the process of creating. You?e not on a deadline; you?e relaxing and crafting with ease. Have FUN. Easy peasy. All my love, Amy Chace
Amy Chace is an artist and writer. She has worked with various authors (and rock bands) over the years. Amy often works with her mother, Sharon R. Chace (writer and poet laureate of Rockport, Massachusetts), on her books and projects. Amy is the author and artist of Manifesting Your Greatness: An Oracle Deck, a deck of colorful stylized art cards with helpful, loving ideas and a fun, easy guidebook to go with them. All of Amy’s artwork is sincere and authentic and original. Her goal is to help—to help make life easier and more fun. Amy is also proud of her Instagram feed; see for yourself at @chaceamy.

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