Vampires are beings of myth: folkloric creatures who live off the blood of the living and have been recorded in nearly every culture around the world since the beginning of man. This work traces the evolution of the vampire, from its roots in ancient mythology to obscure folk tales and legends, leading up to when these foul beings transformed into the suave Byronic heroes that continue to influence the world's view of the vampire today. It also examines key individuals in history involved in reshaping our concept of the creature. Popular culture is explored, along with the development of the vampire into the protagonist in plays and poems and novels. Sixty-one frightening images bring the topic right to your front door. Will you invite the visitor in?
Occult, vampire and paranormal researcher Eric R. Vernor ("Corvis Nocturnum") has been a consultant in 2010 for A& E? Paranormal States episode Satan? Soldier, a guest panelist at Dragon Con 2011 in Atlanta, GA, and a panelist on demonology and zombies at Parafest. He has been a guest speaker at Michigan? Zombie Con in 2013. The author has had appearances in magazines such as the October 2009 Penthouse Magazine article on sex and Satanism. He is the founder and publisher of Dark Moon Press and has dual degrees in Business Management and Criminal Justice. L.E. Carruba is a full-time librarian, part-time researcher, and all-around vampire enthusiast. Her current projects include a study of Southeastern vampire legends and a novel of Southern supernatural horror. She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains with her partners, her cats, and a large collection of paranormal literature.

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